Candice Forness

Our face and neck reflect our lives—mind busier than body.
How do we age gracefully?  Naturally?  And still look our absolute best?

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Ayurvedic Facelift Massage

a simple anti-aging beauty technique lifting the face, mind and spirit, based in Ayurveda—the science of life

A holistic solution combining acupressure, Swedish massage, yoga, lymphatic drainage, and energy balancing polarity therapy with amazing results. 

This divine experience is a 60 minute face, neck, and back of the head massage using only fingers, thumbs, and the pads of the hands gently lifting and retraining face and neck muscles. 

Unwinding facial muscles and releasing tension has amazing physical, mental and energetic benefits

Face focused, this massage addresses digital face puffiness, jaw tension, eye strain, dark circles, ear aches, sinus issues, lip thinning, and the neck.



There are only six certified practitioners in New York City and two are certified instructors, connected to The Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences in NYC.

Thank you for the amazing face massage! It was a beautiful experience.
— FN
Jessica Richards of Shen Beauty
The physical experience transcends to my energetic self – AND I look fantastic
— EC


Achieve the results of a facelift naturally,
retraining the facial muscles effectively lifts them up. 

The first session’s results last approximately a week, the second's will last about 2 weeks. 

For optimum lifting, 6 to 8 weekly sessions are recommended, with monthly sessions to maintain.

Each consecutive session builds the facial muscles accordingly.


Candice Forness

It is my pleasure to hold space for your regenerative tranquility.

A majority of the senses reside in the face, it is how we perceive the world.

We are all facing reality, facing time, and most importantly facing ourselves.

How are you caring for this delicate armor comprehending your existence? 


The Massage

one hour, two hands

Gently massaging connective tissue allowing tension and wrinkles to diminish

Releasing toxins with lymph drainage which assists the immune system, reducing puffiness and sinus congestion

Delicate palpitation of face and neck muscles, unwinding and elevating—creating the natural facelift

Lightly stimulating Ayurvedic marma points “where consciousness meets matter” the super highways of the veins balancing energy